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Their stories

"We are in a good place, everything we need we can make, and we appreciate you because of your hardworking. Especially because of Afghan workers that you try to make them out and you work for their lives.”

“When I see her and others there out of danger, I do remember your hard works so that you did not give up, even until the last moments. It brings tears to my eyes!

I don’t know how to thank you! You have captured our hearts! With all my respect to you let me say that I am totally in your debt !! Thank you dear and wish you best of the best.”

“This night no sleeping because I am very happy.”

“No words can I find to thank you from you because you do the biggest thing for me.”

“Inshallah, hope I can meet you some day and thank you from the deep of my heart.”

“You are kind and I believe in you, you work hard for us and our family to get out of here.  I just want to thank you in the best way possible.  I will never ever forget your efforts.  You are sisters to our family forever.”

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